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Bronze reined cow horse Plaque 

Kim Corpany's bronze horse statues are full of life. To look at them draws a person in, waiting for the bronze horse to move, looking for the horse's ear to twitch, the tail to swish or the animal to breathe. Kim has made a life-long pursuit of understanding horses from the inside out and it shows in her remarkable horse sculptures. Kim's equestrian sculptures speak to the viewer with emotion and presence. Kim welcomes custom commissions for bronze horses.

 Kim Corpany creates custom bronze statues of horses using photographs and measurements as well as careful observation of the actual horse either live or via video of the horse in action whenever possible. This allows Kim to accurately capture the spirit and personality of each unique individual horse in a horse statue. A bronze horse statue is a wonderful way to commemorate a horse's accomplishments. Horse paintings and western bronze sculptures complement one another in your western decor. Horse art in the form of horse sculptures and paintings helps you express your love of the horse to others. A horse bronze created in the likeness of your remarkable horse is and heirloom and an excellent addition to your fine art collection. 
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Bronze sculptures of horses created in the classical style of traditional realism and cast in the finest quality genuine cast metal created utilizing the lost wax bronze casting method.  Kim Corpany's bronze sculptures of horses and the people who love them capture the connection and relationship between horse and human.  These bronze horse statues capture the spirit and soul of the horse and his quiet and clear communication.

Bronze horses and Western statues​

bronze horse statues, western art  and Oil Paintings of the west by Kim Corpany

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Bronze horse statue
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Horse sculptures
bronze horse statues
Bronze Horse Statues
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Bronze horse statues
Patina and Care of Bronze Sculptures
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Statues of ​​​​​​BRONZE HORSEs, larger than life size horse sculptures and more HOrse art. 

CUSTOM BRONZE HORSEs and horse art for sale: Custom bronze horse statues, western bronze sculptures and made to order bespoke bronze statues.

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Larger than life size bronze horse statues
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Bronze horse statues allow you to share your love of the horse with visitors to your home or office. Limited edition bronze horse statues custom made by artist Kim Corpany. Commission a bespoke bronze statue of your stallion for syndicate members. A larger than life size bronze horse statue of your extraordinary Stallion will greet visitors to your horse facility, while desktop size bronze horse statues grace the homes and offices of stallion syndicate members.  Custom bronze statues of your favorite horse and rider made to order.

Commission a bronze horse statue of your favorite horse, custom made to your specifications.

Reined Cow Horse Plaque

This month's western art giveaway: An 8 x 10" signed linited edition print of "Golden Armor"

Horse Paintings and Western Oil Paintings.

Bronze horse head statue

Bronze HOrses - BRONZE HORSE statues and horse art

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How bronze statue is made; lost wax bronze casting 
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Bronze horse sculptures
Bronze horse sculpture
Bronze sculptures
Reining horse gifts and bronze reining horse statues
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Bespoke bronze horses made to capture the spirit and beauty of your horse.
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Custom bronze horse statues
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Besides bronze horse statues, Kim Corpany is an accomplished western painter.. For more information on bronze horses, click to visit the bronze art galleries or shop below for prints, western home decor, and more featuring Oil Paintings and Western Art , by Kim Corpany!

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