Western art created by Kim Corpany includes western oil paintings of horses, cowboys, cattle and the west.  Her paintings of buckaroos and cowboys ring true with the authenticity of an artist who has spent a lifetime studying horses. Kim rides trains and shows her own horses and spends time riding on ranches across the west, photographing the cowboys there who are the real deal. Her western oil paintings and bronze sculptures seek to capture both the old west and the modern cowboy. The anatomy of her horse paintings and sculptures shows an extensive knowledge of the inner and outer function and physical being of the horse as well as the spirit of the horse. The horse paintings  seen here are complemented by horse bronze statues by kim corpany. combine bronze horse statues and western oil paintings to highlight your western style!

Horse Painting "Expensive Hobby" by Kim Corpany original oil painting owned by Al Dunning

western art gallery, including Horse Paintings and Western Oil Paintings and bronze sculptures.

Western horse painting "Lady's Jewels" by Kim Corpany
Bronze horse statue
Portrait oil painting of a paint gelding horse

Horse Portrait  "Expensive Hobby" by Kim Corpany - original oil horse painting owned by Al Dunning.

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oil paintings and bronze sculptures: WESTERN art by kim corpany

Western art is a genre of art that focused on capturing and representing the American Old West. Art focused on the American west, also known as western art, is extremely popular and coveted among fans of old Americana and American history aficionados. Subjects often displayed in western art are horses, cowboys and ranching as well as the settlement of the American west. 

Reining horse painting "Tango" by Kim Corpany

Western art Gallery of Paintings

Western art gallery of Paintings to complete the decor of your western room with horse paintings, cowboys and images of the west.

oil painting portrait of two quarter horse fillies

The Western art gallery in the above slide show are available as prints. Click on Photos to learn more.

A custom oil painting of your special horse makes a wonderful gift. Contact the artist to get started on your custom horse portrait oil painting.

Western paintings of horses and their people are a specialty. The artist will work with you to bring your ideas and vision for a western painting to life.

western horse painting "Sox" by Kim Corpany

western art by kim corpany. In addition to creating her original western oil paintings and bronze sculptures based on her experiences, photography and live subjects, Kim is always pleased to work with exceptional horses and their people to create custom artwork.  Whether two dimensional or three dimensional. her artwork has the unique ability to capture the personality and movement of the horses and people they represent.

Portrait oil painting of two children riding a paint horse.