BRONZE HORSE StatueS for your home or office.

These beautiful bronze horses are 1/5th life-size and are available as a limited edition bronze sculpture. These two galloping bronze horses are cast in a limited edition of 25. 

Bronze horse statues

Bronze sculpture featuring two galloping bronze horses.

Bronze horse statues  galloping and leaping together.

sculpture of two bronze horses

The anatomy and movement of these two bronze horses is accurate and elegant. Sculptor Kim Corpany's life long study of horses and their anatomy is evident in the power and grace of each bronze horse. The two bronze horses leap and frolic together as they gallop. Their classical beauty draws the viewer into their world.

This western bronze sculpture of two elegant galloping horses makes a wonderful accent on a fireplace hearth. It also makes a beautiful focal point in a western themed room. 

  • These two bronze horses gallop together into your heart. The movement of the horses take you away with them as they frolic through the fields. They show in their action the power, grace and joy which they represent.

Two galloping bronze horses dance across the ground together, enjoying their freedom together. 

The dynamic interaction of these two galloping bronze horses tells the story of the relationship between the two horses. The fluid movement of the two galloping Quarter horses is captured in this bronze sculpture.

"lets dance"

two beautiful bronze horse statues running together.

"Let's dance" is a beautiful bronze sculpture of two galloping horses.

These bronze horse statues capture the grace and beauty of two running horses as they dance across the meadow together.

bronze horse statues for your home or office.

The rich walnut wood base on which this delightful bronze horse sculpture is mounted measures 25 inches x 8.5 inches. 

This bronze horse statue is available with custom patina. The patina shown here is Chestnut and Red dun.

2 running bronze horse sculptures

the Feng Shui Horse Symbol is the victory horse which symbolizes success. Sometimes it is depicted with a swallow at its foot which shows that this horse can run as fast as the bird can fly. The Horse is the symbol of power and perseverance and represents a distinguished success and prosperity. You can place this bronze sculpture of Galloping horses in your living room, study or business premises. 

This pair of galloping horses and would be wonderful to use as a cure in your love & marriage feng shui area (the Southwest area of your space)