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"My love of horses began at a very young age. When I wasn’t with horses I was either drawing a horse or pretending to be one the margins of all of my papers in school were filled with doodles of horses. Not really because I wanted to be an artist, but more because I wanted to be with the real horses. My artistic abilities developed because of the horse. The horse has always been my main subject matter. I believe I am an artist because of the horse, not because I wanted to be an artist. My bronze horse statues developed because of this love of horses.

I have followed a life-long desire to understand the horse and their communication through movement, body language, breathing and sound. My study of horse training and riding has been a great joy in my life. I believe there is a difference which can be seen in my bronze sculptures and paintings. The difference between being and outside observer and having a true deep understanding of the subject. The pursuit of understanding and communicating with the horse has been a big part of my life. This pursuit led me to express my understanding of horses through drawing, painting and sculpture.

Horses are capable of communicating through their entire bodies which makes them terrific subjects for bronze sculpture, where the spoken word does not exist.

I strive to convey the emotions and language of horses through bronze horse sculptures in three dimensional form."

-Kim Corpany

If you are looking for large bronze horse statues or life size bronze horse sculptures, we can create sculptures of horses to suit your needs. Kim Corpany is an excellent artist who creates statues of horses which are so life like and beautiful they capture the imagination. If you are in search of a life size horse statue, consider having a custom made horse bronze sculpture created of your special horse. limited edition and custom made bronze horse statues for sale.

Bronze horse statue

BRONZE HORSE StatuES and equestrian statues for sale. both limited edition bronze horse sculptures and custom bronze horses are available from equine artist kim Corpany.

Bronze horse sculptures and paintings
Bronze horse statues