reined cow horse plaque or trophy

The single cow part event in a reined cow horse competition starts with the horse and rider performing a reining pattern. Included are all of the classic reining maneuvers including sliding stops, roll backs, large fast and small slow circles, spins and backing up.

This reined cow horse plaque trophy captures the individual cow work part of the competition.

When the reining pattern is complete, the rider calls for their cow. First the horse and rider "box" the cow, establishing control of the cow on the short end of the arena. Then the cowboy takes the cow "down the fence." The horse pushes the cow to go down the length of the arena next to the fence. Then horse and rider overtake the cow, causing it to turn back and run down the length of the arena the other direction.  After overtaking the cow a second time and turning it on the fence, The cow horse then takes the cow to the central part of the arena where horse and rider once again control the movements of the cow. The accomplished cow horse causes the cow to make a circle in each direction as the horse gallops around the cow clockwise and counter clockwise.

This reined cow horse plaque depicts a champion as horse and rider complete their final circle in a competition knowing that they truly achieved excellence in their run.

This beautiful reined cow horse plaque will make a magnificent trophy plaque, but it will look equally stunning as an addition to your front door!

If you are searching for a great gift or trophy for the reined cow horse competition, this reined cowhorse plaque is it!

Reined Cow Horse Bronze Sculpture
Reined Cow Horse Plaque Gift or Trophy

beautiful REINED COWHORSE plaques and horse sculptures which can make a stunning reined cow horse trophy. 
a Reined cow horse trophy plaque makes a beautiful alternative to a three dimensional trophy as an award. This plaque also makes a stunning addition to the pedestal of a larger reined cowhorse trophy!

"The Champions"

New! Reined Cow Horse Plaque for your award and trophy needs!