The American Paint Horse shares a common ancestry with the American Quarter Horse and the Thoroughbred. Registered Paint horses conform to the "stock horse" body type that is desirable in Quarter Horses. A muscular animal who is not too tall, with a low center of gravity for quick maneuverability, and powerful hindquarters suitable for rapid acceleration and sprinting.

The American Quarter Horse Association was created in 1940 to preserve horses of the "stock" type. In their registry, they excluded horses with pinto coat patterns and "crop out" horses, those born with white body spots or white above the knees and hocks.

Fans of colorful stock horses formed a variety of their own organizations to preserve and promote Paint horses. In 1965 some of these groups merged to form the American Paint Horse Association.

Paint horse western bronze sculpture
paint horse bronze sculpture woman on reining horse
Paint pinto horse bronze sculpture

All of the bronze horse sculptures kim Corpany creates can be customized with a bespoke patina to match the markings and color of your incredible paint horse. 

Overo or Tobiano, our patina artist can capture the unique white markings of an American Paint Horse in the patina of a bronze sculpture. 

Paint horse gifts: Bronze show jumping paint horse.

A lovely gift for the jumper who rides paint horses.

We offer for sale bronze sculptures of paint horses, oil paintings of paint horses, prints of paint horse paintings and custom made gifts for paint horse lovers.

Paint Horse gifts: bronze sculptures and painitngs

Paint horses captured in bronze, doing what they do best. The realism of the anatomy, movement and spirit of the horses created in bronze by Kim Corpany is extraordinary.

Your bronze paint horse sculpture will capture attention and show friends and visitors your love and passion for the American Paint Horse. APHA horses are striking and truly versatile animals. 

Paint horse painting with long mane and silver bit by Kim Corpany

Paint horse gifts: mare and colt bronze sculpture

paint horse mare and foal bronze sculpture
three galloping paint horses bronze sculptures
western oil painting cowboy kids riding their paint horse herding cows
Paint horse oil painting portrait

Paint horse bronze sculptures available with custom patina to match your horses coat patterns!

Galloping paint horses bronze sculpture, capturing the spirit of the American Paint Horse in bronze.

Paint horse gifts: a bronze sculpture of a woman and her reining horse performing a sliding stop

Bronze jumping paint horse stadium jumping

Paint horse gifts such as paint horse statues or paintings of horses for the paint horse lover. APHA Paint horses make wonderful awards or gifts.
Paint horse gifts such as a bronze horse or paint horse bronze are lasting. Paint horse statues create a beautiful focal point in your Paint horse decor.

Prints of this wonderful painting of a paint horse and his young cowboys are available, as well as cell phone cases, and even shower curtains.

Paint horse gelding portrait conformation

A pinto paint horse bronze bust.