Bronze horse sculptures

A book and website inventorying the bronze equestrian statues in the world, including a number of Kim Corpany's bronze horse statues can be found at:

EQUESTRIAN STATUES by Kees van Tilburg

Escape into a world of galloping bronze horse sculptures. Each horse takes you on a different journey and tells its own story.

Bronze Horse Sculptures

equestrian Bronze Horse Statues by Kim Corpany

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Locations of bronze monuments and bronze sculptures by Kim Corpany:

Seabiscuit: An American Legend  by Laura Hillenbrandt

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
Bronze horse sculptures

Equestrian statues are statues featuring a rider mounted on a horse.

The word comes from the Latin "eques", meaning "knight", and "equus", meaning "horse". Statues of a riderless horses are referred to as "equine statues". A full-size equestrian statue is a feature in horse art which can be seen in many cultures.  Figures are often portraits of rulers or military commanders.

This website is a gallery of beautiful bronze horse statues and equestrian monuments created by world renowned sculptor Kim Corpany. The bronze horse sculptures of this accomplished sculptor and artist are extraordinary in their accuracy and detail. The balance and grace of the horses as they are frozen in bronze sculpture speak of the understanding of the horse which can only be obtained through a life long experience and study of horses.

Limited Edition bronze horse statues by sculptor and artist Kim Corpany can be found in the collections of horse lovers and horse art collectors across the United States and around the world. These beautiful bronze sculptures capture the spirit and grace of the horse. They draw the viewer in with life like detail.

Kim Corpany​'s horse sculptures and horse paintings are sought after by collectors worldwide.