Life size bronze sculptures

life size statues for sale. Beautiful realistic bronze sculptures made to order.

Beautiful life size bronze sculptures of people and horses. These life like figures stand as monuments and memorials. 

Accurate portrait bronze sculptures capture the personality and gesture of the subject. Kim also creates life size and larger than life size bronze horse sculptures which capture the spirit and personality of the horse.

Running Horses bronze statue

Bronze is the most popular metal in cast metal sculptures. Lost wax cast or sand cast bronze sculpture may simply be called a "bronze". Bronze can be used for statues, reliefs or plaques, and small statuettes or figurines, as well as bronze architectural elements created to be fitted to other objects such as furniture. Bronze may be gilded to give gilt-bronze or ormolu or other patina may be applied using chemical and heat processes.

High quality bronze alloys have the unusual and desirable property of expanding slightly just before they set, thus filling the finest details of a mold. Then, as the bronze cools, it shrinks a little, making it easier to separate it  from the mold. The strength and ductility (lack of brittleness) is an advantage when figures in action are to be created, especially when compared to various ceramic or stone. These qualities allow the creation of extended figures.

Lost-wax or investment casting begins with the creation of a full-sized model of the sculpture in oil-based clay. A mold is made from the clay model, either as a piece mold from plaster, or using flexible gel or similar rubber-like materials stabilized by a plaster jacket or mother mold consisting of several pieces. 

After a mold is created, a wax (hollow for larger sculptures) is poured from the mould. One or more wax sprues or straws are added to conduct molten metal into the sculptures. These direct liquid metal from a crucible to the bottom of the sculpture, which is filled from the bottom up to avoid splashing and turbulence in the casting. Additional sprues may be directed upward at intermediate positions. The complete wax structure is then invested in a kind of mould or shell, which is heated in a kiln until the wax runs out and all free moisture is removed. The heated investment is then filled with molten bronze. The removal of all wax and moisture prevents liquid metal from explosively ejecting bronze from the mold by contact with steam or vapor.

horse bronze sculptures