Kim Corpany creates custom bronze sculptures of horses using photographs and measurements as well as by observing the real horse or video of the actual horse in action whenever possible. This allows Kim to more accurately capture the spirit
and personality of each unique individual horse in the form of a bronze horse statue..

A custom big bronze horse statue can become a landmark which makes your riding arena memorable as well as easier to locate.  Bronze horse statues provide a more subtle and classy way of advertising your stable, even areas where large signage is not allowed.  In areas where billboards or signs cannot be used.  A big bronze horse statue makes a statement and leaves a lasting impression.  
Visitors and clients will remember your barn or home because of the beautiful custom bronze horse statue they saw at your barn. 

"Seabiscuit" Horse Statue Frank R. howard memorial hospital willits, ca

Bronze Horse Statue

Kim Corpany’s recent bronze monument is a 1 and 1/2 life-size statue of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan galloping on his Arabian horse.  Kim and her team traveled to Abu Dhabi for 20 days where they assembled, welded, and finished the bronze with patina prior to installing it at the entrance to the Al Forsan International Sports Resort.  The monument was of such size that after assembling it in the foundry in the USA, the sculpture had to then be cut into sections and crated so that it could be air freighted to Abu Dhabi.  The entire project was completed in 7 months from small conceptual marquette to finished and installed monument.

Kim Corpany has worked to create numerous large bronze monuments and statues including:

  • George Washington on his half-Arabian stallion, Blueskin which is located at Freedoms Foundation , Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Sculpted by Kim Corpany and Stan Watts. One and ¼  life- size bronze statue.

  • The National Fallen Firefighters Memorial, three fire fighters raising the American flag.  

               Sculpted by Kim Corpany and Stan Watts. Located at Emmitsburg, Maryland. Three times life-size bronze statues.

  • Joseph and Hyrum Smith riding their horses. Located at Nauvoo, Illinois

          Sculpted by Kim Corpany and Stan Watts. One and ¼ life size bronze statue

  • Seabiscuit – Frank Howard Memorial Hospital. Sculpted by Kim Corpany. Located at Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital located at Willits, California. 1 and ¼ life-size bronze horse statue

  • Al Forsan Monument. Bronze Statue of an Arab and his beautiful Arabian horse as they gallop across the desert together.  Located at Al Forsan International Resort, Abu Dhabi, UAE  1 and 1/2 life size bronze horse statue.

George washington "On a firm foundation" freedoms foundation   valley forge, Pa

Bronze Horse Statue Larger Than Life Size

"calm as a summers morning"  Equestrian monument nauvoo, illinois

Larger than life size bronze horse statues by kim corpany

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Big Bronze Horse Statue
Life Size Bronze Horse Statues

Larger than life size BRONZE HORSE StatueS and big Equestrian monuments

bronze horse statue

"AL forsan" bronze arabian equestrian monument abu dhabi, uae

​​​​You want to order a larger than life size bronze horse statue. What happens next?
The Process of Commissioning a larger than life size bronze horse statue:
From your initial consultation to the finished big bronze statue you are involved in the process.
Your input and ideas become a larger than life size bronze statue of your horse!
Usual terms to begin work on your bronze sculpture are 50% down payment  and then the final payment on the piece is due when the bronze horse sculpture is ready to ship.

You will receive progress photos from the initial sketches through the process of sculpting your horse as a small clay model. Then, following your approval of the small clay model, production of the larger than life size clay model will begin.

When the larger than life size clay model is finished, a mold is made from that clay sculpture and in order to create the finished larger than life size bronze horse statue, the foundry will follow the steps of the time honored lost wax bronze casting method.
Wax will be poured into the mold to create a hollow wax replica of the clay horse.
That wax sculpture is then dipped into a liquid ceramic and coated in sand. Subsequent layers of ceramic slurry and sand are built up on the wax sculpture, with time allowed between coats for each layer to dry thoroughly. This builds a 'rock' or ceramic shell around the wax piece. The foundry then heats this ceramic shell to approximately 1700 degrees in a furnace melting out the wax and heating the shell at the same time. Meanwhile a separate furnace heats and melts bronze ingots in a crucible to the same temperature.
When the metal and ceramic shell have reached the necessary temperature, the molten metal is then poured into the ceramic shell. The shell is then allowed to cool. When the shell is cool it is cracked off of the bronze sculpture inside using hammers and chisels. The parts of the new bronze sculpture are then sandblasted to remove any remaining ceramic shell and the pieces are welded together by metal chasers. These foundry workers are artists in their own right, as they weld the pieces together and then grind and texture the welds to match the rest of the bronze sculpture so that after the piece is given a final sandblasting, any seams disappear.
The life size bronze horse statue can then goes into the hands of the patina artist who applies color to the piece using the heat of a torch and various acids and chemicals to create chemical reactions on the surface of the bronze metal. A wide variety of patinas are possible and we can color your bronze sculptures to meet your desired finish.