welcome to the gallery of bronze Thoroughbred horse art featuring Thoroughbred BRONZE HORSE StatueS Honoring some of the finest racing horses in history. These thoroughbred statues include several likenesses of the immortal seabiscuit.

‚ÄčOther Thoroughbred bronze sculptures include a stadium jumping horse in competition and a running stallion.
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Bronze Thoroughbred racehorse sculpture Seabiscuit

Bronze thoroughbred horse art and Bronze racehorse statues

A Thoroughbred horse flies without need for wings as it floats across the ground. The movements of the Thoroughbred horse are a graceful dance.  

The grace, elegance and beauty of the Thoroughbred horse is captured in the bronze sculptures of Thoroughbred horses created by Kim Corpany.

Thoroughbred racehorses in full stride galloping to the finish line, breezing through a morning workout, and the power of a jumping horse launching into the air to clear a jump are all a part of this gallery of bronze sculptures of Thoroughbred horses.

Careful study of the conformation, and anatomy of the Thoroughbred horse have resulted in bronze sculptures of horses which seem to breathe and move.

Every muscle and sinew of the horse's body is defined as the elegant creature races and gallops and leaps. 

Bronze Thoroghbred jumping horse sculpture

Whatever their occupation, Thoroughbred horses make wonderful subjects for bronze sculptures as the form of these beautiful animals in motion so readily lends itself to beautiful art.

Bronze Thoroughbred horse running statue
Bronze horse sculptures
Bronze running mare and foal horse sculpture

Welcome to the gallery of bronze Thoroughbred horse art

In addition to racing, Thoroughbreds compete in eventing, show jumping and dressage at the highest levels of international competition, including the Olympics. They are also used as show hunters, steeplechasers, and in western riding speed events such as barrel racing. Mounted police divisions employ them in non-competitive work, and recreational riders also use them. Thoroughbreds are one of the most common breeds for use in polo in the United States. They are often seen in the fox hunting field as well.

bronze thouroughbred sculpture of Seabiscuit
Bronze Thoroughbred Horse Sculpture

Thoroughbred horses are primarily bred for racing under saddle at the gallop. Thoroughbreds are often known for being either distance runners or sprinters, and their conformation usually reflects what they have been bred to do. Sprinters are usually well muscled, while stayers, or distance runners, tend to be smaller and slimmer.

bronze running horses