Consider a bronze horse statue or statues to accent the entry to your home or equestrian facility, with custom designed steel gates which complement the design of your larger than life size bronze horses. Your driveway will announce your style and breed of horses to your visitors in a stunning and memorable way. Contact the artist for details.  Kim Corpany (801)845-5168 or email

Custom entry gate designs with horses. Custom Steel Gates for equestrian facility.

custom horse gate

CUSTOM ENTRY GATE DESIGNS WITH HORSES or security gates featuring horses can serve as a beautiful advertisement for your horse facility while increasing the safety of the the horses who live there.  A designer gate with horses in the breed of your choice will add value and an extra touch of class to your arena or equestrian facility. 

Metal gates provide security from intruders as well as protection of the horses within your facility. A loose horse can be deterred from making it's way onto a busy road by having custom  gates installed. The horse art displayed on your driveway gates also advertises your facility.
When local ordinances limit the signage for your facility, a gorgeous custom gate will capture the attention of those who are in the area.

bronze horse statue for entry driveway

Guide visitors into your ranch, home or horse facility with custom steel gates. Because our entry gates are custom made, they will of course be created to fit your needs. Designer entry gates capturing your love of horses catch the attention of all who pass by or through your entryway.

These CUSTOM ENTRY GATE DESIGNS WITH HORSES were created for Copperhills equestrian center and grk farms located in herriman, Utah. 

The beautiful horses were added to trees which are the logo of the facility to created a panoramic scene. These steel gates add safety and security to the horses and people of the equestrian center by keeping any possible loose horses in and keeping unwanted visitors out. These beautiful horse gates accomplish both of these goal while adding a touch of class to the entryway and welcoming guests to the riding arena.

Custom driveway gates featuring the silhouettes of Arabian horses and trees. 
We will work with you to design an exciting and inviting horse themed gate for the entry of your arena, home, ranch or business driveway as well as creating bronze horse statuary to capture the imagination and attention of visitors.


custom horse gates
Bronze horse sculptures by Kim Corpany