Custom bronze horse statues
Custom bronze horse statues
Custom Bronze Horse Statue

the steps involved in the creation of your custom bronze horse statue:

Art For Sale - HOw to Commission your Custom Bronze HOrse Statue

Commission a bronze statue of your horse for the members of your stallion syndicate.  A larger than life size bronze sculpture depicting your stallion will welcome visitors to your barn, while small custom bronze horse statues of your extraordinary equine grace the homes and offices of syndicate members, inviting conversations about your horses

Bespoke custom bronze horse statues sculpted to suit your needs. A beautiful custom bronze horse statue capturing the spirit and beauty of your horse. Feel the joy of having a custom bronze horse statue immortalizing the excellent conformation of your horse.  A custom horse bronze statue is a wonderful symbol of ownership for syndicate members. A custom bronze horse statue as a trophy for the progeny of your stallion who are successful in competition.

We work with you through the entire process to create your custom bronze horse statue,.

Bronze horse statues Big and Small Western Bronze Sculptures custom horse statues 

Take a virtual stroll through the art gallery for ideas. If the art for sale is not what you are looking for, you can commission custom artwork.

You can be a part of the creative process as your idea for a bronze sculpture becomes fine art reality!​

Custom bronze horse statues
Artist's Statement:
" In great horsemanship there is a connection between horse and human that can be found in the best of every riding discipline.

I seek to honor that connection through my bronze horse sculptures and paintings.

Every horse has a story to tell.  I have the opportunity to help them to tell their stories in a permanent form."


​​​​​​1: The concept and pose for the subject of a commissioned custom bronze horse sculpture.
The first step in commissioning a custom bronze horse statue involves a collaboration between the artist and the client to discuss the sculpture concept. Often, the client already has a idea which they wish to have captured in bronze sculpture, whether it is a horse, human or other beloved animal. Photographs and sketches are used to determine the exact pose and movement to be sculpted by the artist. Reference photos will be taken of the subject from all angles to capture the details more closely. Whenever possible the artist prefers to photograph the horse or subject in person.

2: Pricing of a commissioned bronze horse sculpture.

The price of the sculpture is based on several determining factors:

  • The size and complexity of the sculpture. 

  • An estimate from the foundry for their mold making and bronze casting efforts. 

  • Whether the sculpture will be an exclusive, edition of 1 or a limited edition sculpture. 

The artist reserves the right to create a limited edition series from the commissioned sculpt
ure unless the sculpture is specifically purchased as an exclusive edition of 1. For exclusive editions of 1, the artist reserves the right to create an artist proof for exhibition purposes only.

3: Approval of the sculpte
d clay model:

After the artist and client have agreed on the pose that is to be captured, the artist creates the sculpture in clay. On average, this takes between 2-7 months, depending on the size and complexity of the sculpture and artist's schedule. The sculpture is then reviewed by the client either in person or by photographs and any necessary changes are applied. 

4: Foundry Process:

Upon final approval of the clay model, the sculpture is taken to the foundry to begin the mold making and lost wax bronze casting process. The mold making and casting processes usually take between 10-16 weeks. During this process the artist inspects and puts the finishing touches on metal chasing the bronze and supervising the patina application. The patina can be anything from a traditional bronze patina to a custom patina to match the color and markings of the subject horse and tack.

EXAMPLES OF CUSTOM BRONZE HORSE statueS BY SCULPTOR KIM CORPANY from desktop to larger than life size:

Custom Bronze Horse Statues

Custom bronze horse statues and fine Art for Sale

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