the BRONZE HORSE StatueS created by equine artist kim corpany include reining horse art like this bronze reining horse sculpture. this rEINING HORSE BRONZE Statue is just one of the Reining horse gifts available.

A custom portrait bronze reining horse statue can be created of your favorite horse and rider as well. Kim accepts custom commissioned bronze sculpture work.
This bronze reining horse sculpture of a lady and her reining horse performing a sliding stop is a great example of a statue which makes a great year end award for reining horse competitors.
The accuracy and feel of Kim Corpany's reining horse sculptures is remarkable.  The balance and physical accuracy of these reining horse bronze sculptures are born from Kim's years in the saddle showing her own reining horses and studying the training and psychology of reining horses.  Kim continues to enjoy training and showing her horses.  This gives her the unique connection to the horse which shines through in her bronze horse sculpture. 

​ REINING HORSE GIFTs like this  REINING HORSE STATUE and other western bronze sculptures are available as limited edition bronze castings. 

Kim Corpany also creates custom horse sculptures. your one of a kind BRONZE HORSE STATUE will be a source of pride.  a memorial horse statue will honor your special horse through the ages.

Reining horse bronze sculpture door knocker
Reining horse bronze with woman rider

​"Lady Reiner"  

This remarkable bronze reining horse statue captures the intensity and power of a woman and her reining horse performing a sliding stop.

This bronze reining horse sculpture was created through the time honored process of lost wax bronze casting.  

It is available as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

​The finished bronze reining horse sculpture measures 14 x 6.5 x 13 inches high on a rich walnut wood base.
This bronze reining horse sculpture is for the cowgirl!  

It depicts the sliding stop of a ladies reining horse, captured in bronze sculpture.

Bronze horse statues

"Lady Reiner" is an elegant bronze sculpture which makes a wonderful reining horse gift for the reining woman in your life.

This bronze reining horse sculpture captures the intensity and physicality of a perfectly matched horse and rider who are clearly connected in their movements. The arc of the spine of both horse and rider are matched as they perform an excellent sliding stop together. 

Another classically beautiful statue representing the beauty of the reining horse captured in this bronze reining horse sculpture which is also functional as a door knocker. The reining horse door knocker conveys your love of reining horses as it greats visitors to your front door.

A reining horse's sliding shoe is replicated perfectly as the knock part of this lovely door knocker.