Bronze horse sculpture, horse plaques and western bronze sculpture

Bronze horse plaques is available as a memorial for a dear friend. Equine artist Kim Corpany specializes in accurate bronze sculptures of horses. This bronze horse sculpture plaque is only one example of the myriad of possibilities which are available. When you order a custom bronze sculpture plaque of your horse, you become a part of the creative process. 

From a beautiful portrait in bronze sculpture captured in a bas relief plaque like this one to custom lettering to let others know who your horse was and some of the wonderful things about him.

bronze quarter horse sculpture plaque

bronze horse sculpture and horse plaques like this one make a beautiful memorial or horse trophy. A bronze horse statue also makes an exceptional memorial or trophy.

Custom bronze plaques of horses for all of your needs are possible, highlighting all breeds of horses and all equine specialties. ​

If you are looking for bronze horse sculpture plaques with beautiful hand sculpted horses, bronze horse plaques are possible with house numbers, stall numbers or barn names as a part of the bronze sculpture. Western bronze sculpture for your home, barn or workplace.

Custom bronze plaques of horses like this Quarter horse sculpture plaque make beautiful awards or trophies for your horse event. 

We will work with you to desigh a plaque for your award or trophy to make your horse show a unique and impressive event.

bronze horse sculpture: a Memorial bronze horse plaques featuring a Quarter horse stallion.

Bronze horse statues

This bronze horse sculpture plaque is a portrait of a beautiful Quarter horse stallion. Custom horse plaques like this one will make a beautiful memorial marker or home decoration. 

The dimensions of this bronze horse sculpture plaque are approximately 8 inches by ten inches. Custom horse plaques available from the artist.

bronze horse plaques: a quarter horse plaque memorial bronze horse sculpture

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bronze horse sculpture or horse plaques.

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bronze horse plaques featuring bronze horse sculpture ofQuarter horses

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The likeness of an exquisite Quarter Horse will make a wonderful addition to the entryway of your home or office.

This bronze plaque of a Quarter horse will be an outstanding memorial for your favorite Quarter horse. A bronze horse sculpture can be beautifully accented by horse plaques on the pedestal, plynth or base.