these dog bronze statues were each created as portraits of individual dogs. 

Each of them is a part of a custom bronze horse portrait sculpture. 

bronze sculpture of dog

Whippet dog bronze sculpture.

Dog Bronze Statues of your best friend.

Over centuries as hunters, herders, guards and companions, dogs have played a significant role in human society. The first appearance of the domestic dog dates back 20,000 years ago. Today, “Man's Best Friend” is a loyal companion awaiting the next command of their master.
Kim Corpany offers  high quality, bronze dog statues created in the traditional and time honored lost wax bronze casting method using high quality bronze metal. These bronze sculptures are cast in an American Foundry and all sculptures are made in USA.

Aussie Shepherd  dog bronze statue.

Kim Corpany has created a number of custom bronze sculptures of horses which included the owners and dogs associated with them. These beautiful dogs  are the loyal companions of the horses and were sculpted as a tribute to the relationship of dog, person and horse. The dogs are a part of the story told by the bronze sculpture. 

A happy border collie dog who goes with his endurance horse and rider on training runs.  A miniature Australian shepherd travels with his man who is a farrier as they work each day at horse farms. Together they make sure the horse's hooves are all in good shape. A champion Whippet dog helps it's man as he shoes horses during the day. Theses are all lovely examples of the custom bronze dog sculptures which are possible when you work with the bronze sculptor to create a custom dog bronze statue. 

A bronze dog sculpture is a wonderful tribute the the beautiful relationship between you and your dog. The sculptor can capture the love and personality of your dog in a wonderful bronze sculpture.

Border Collie bronze dog sculpture.

Custom commissions of dog bronze statues of are welcome. The artist will work with you to create a portrait in bronze sculpture which captures the physical appearance as well as the personality and spirit of your dog.

bespoke bronze statues of dogs, horses and their people made to honor your animals and loved ones in bronze art.
honor your favorite dog with a timeless bronze sculpture.