western bronze statue

Western bronze sculptures by equine artist Kim Corpany.

This thought provoking bronze horse sculpture depicts a cowboy and his horse resting on a ridge as they contemplate the change in season, their lives, and their world.

  •  This bronze cowboy statue stands approximately 19" high on a rich walnut base.

  • The bronze cowboy sculpture is available in classical french brown patina multi tonal french brown patina or butterscotch patina.

  • Limited Edition of 40 pieces.  

The ongoing struggle to adapt to change has been a difficulty for real cowboys for a long time.

The original cowboys who worked cattle on open ranges saw such change in their lifetimes as fences, train tracks and settlers that came their way.

Western Bronze Statues by sculpture artist kim corpany

"Winds of Change"

"Winds of Change" Bronze sculpture of cowboy and horse in the wind with multi tonal French brown patina.

"A horse in the wind - a perfect symphony."
~ Author Unknown.

The cowboys of today constantly adapt in order to continue the life that they love in the modern world.

The romance of the west is still alive in the ranchers of today and those who have a passion for the cowboy lifestyle wherever they live.

This western bronze sculpture captures the passion, the independence of the cowboy and the lifestyle of the west.

The expressions of both horse and rider are as one which speaks of the time this cowboy and his horse have worked together and the understanding that passes between them. The cowboy and his horse are true working partners.

Together, the cowboy and his horse contemplate the change of the seasons and the changes in their world.

The detail of this bronze sculpture is exquisite. The tooling of the cowboy's saddle is beautiful and intricate. The bridle and saddle are detailed with buckles and conchos. 


western bronze sculpture

western bronze statues by Kim Corpany

"Winds of Change" Bronze sculpture of cowboy and horse with butterscotch patina.

The timeless image of the cowboy and his horse is captured in this bronze western sculpture.

Western bronze statues and bronze horse sculptures
western bronze statue

western bronze statues

western bronze statue

A lifestyle of a century ago has evolved into the cowboys of today. They are still out there riding the range and caring for their cattle, yet they seem to be a part of another age.

The art of the west begins with the horse. Western art by Kim Corpany depicting cowboys and  bronze horse sculptures in the classical tradition of realism. Kim's realistic western bronze sculptures of horses and their people capture the imagination and trigger memories of days past. Bronze western statues complement your southwestern decor. Western art sculptures such as this extraordinary horse statue create an extraordinary focal point in your western decor. Bronze statues are lasting and beautiful as an investment in your western art collection. This horse bronze makes a wonderful addition to your collection.

Western Bronze Statues