Kim Corpany was working with Stan Watts' Atlas Bronze Casting foundry when they were contracted by Icon Bronze to make a mold and casting from the original bronze sculpture of Seabiscuit by Tex Wheeler. The original bronze Seabiscuit statue was located at Ridgewood ranch near Willits, CA while the horse's owners Charles and Marcela Howard owned the ranch. After Charles passed away the ranch was sold and the statue was donated to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame located in Saratoga, NY. Stan Watts and Atlas Bronze Casting's team of master mold makers traveled to New York State to make a mold from the bronze Thoroughbred statue. The then shipped the pieces of the mold back to their foundry where the foundry cast the pieces of the statue of the horse racing legend. Kim Corpany consulted with the foundry workers and also worked hands on to make sure that the new statue was finished accurately to match Tex Wheeler's original work. While working on this statue, Kim had the opportunity to take measurements from and study this bronze sculpture which had been sculpted while Seabiscuit was alive. Tex Wheeler worked using measurements directly from the horse, sculpting his statue of Seabiscuit on site at Ridgewood Ranch where he had the great horse as a moldel for his sculpture.
The new bronze statue of Seabiscuit was then delivered to the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation at Ridgwood Ranch. The Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation is working to restore the ranch and offers tours to visitors.
Kim Corpany was later able to use the information and knowledge of Seabiscuit she gleaned from her experience with Tex Wheeler's great statue to create several bronze statues of Seabiscuit.

This beautiful bronze Seabiscuit statue was created after Marcela Howard's
favorite photograph of Seabiscuit breezing through a workout on the racetrack 
with jockey George Woolf is available as a limited edition of 75 pieces.  
 This bronze racehorse statue is available in multi-color patina as well as traditional French brown patina.  

This Seabiscuit bronze horse statue is exquisitely detailed.

Bronze horse sculpture of the great racehorse Seabiscuit galloping with jockey George Woolf
Morning Workout bronze horse statue of legendary racehorse Seabiscuit and George Woolf

bronze seabiscuit statue

Bronze racehorse statue of jockey George Woolf breezing the incomparable Seabiscuit through a morning workout.

This Seabiscuit bronze statue is extraordinary!

The bronze extends over the base lengthwise.

Walnut Base length: 18 1/2 inches
Length: 22 inches
Width: 7 1/2 inches
Height: 19 1/2 inches
Weight: Each piece will be 30 to 40 pounds.
Materials: Cast in 873 Everdur Bronze mounted finished pieces on Walnut bases.

This bronze Seabiscuit statue with George “The Iceman” Woolf was created after Marcela Howard’s favorite photograph of the great horse.  The photo was taken of the Biscuit and Woolf breezing down the track in a “Morning Workout”  at Del Mar just prior to his famous match race against Ligaroti.  This was the build-up to the greatest match race of all time against War Admiral at Pimlico on November 1, 1938.
Kim Corpany and Stan Watts of Atlas Bronze Casting have faithfully captured the magic of the Biscuit and George Woolf in this bronze sculpture.  I have worked closely with the artists to make sure that this piece accurately reflects the spirit of Seabiscuit and one of the men who so closely shared his spectacular victories.
Part of the proceeds from the sales of this bronze statue of Seabiscuit go toward the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation (which strives to preserve the Biscuit’s home at Ridgewood Ranch) and the Frank R. Howard Foundation (the hospital built by Charles S. Howard, in 1928, in memory of his son Frank Howard) in Willits, California.
Part of the proceeds from the sales of this statue of Seabiscuit goes to the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation.
On behalf of my great-grandparents, and the Howard family, I know that you will enjoy these superb pieces of art for generations to come, just as we have all enjoyed the spectacular story of this amazing horse and inspiring American legend.  Long Live the Memory of Seabiscuit!                          
-  Colonel Michael C. Howard  Colonel US Marine Corps. (Retired)
   The 75th Birthday of Seabiscuit.

Laura Hillenbrand talks about this bronze statue of Seabiscuit and George Woolf:

When I saw it, I gasped with delight.  Kim and Stan, you have done a stunning job with this piece; you have captured Seabiscuit just as he was, not just in his form, but in his personality, which radiates outward in such an authentic way.  Charles and Marcela Howard would have been thrilled. 

My decision to write about Seabiscuit altered the path of my life in myriad ways, the most wonderful of which has been the people to whom this little horse has led me.  Having been the happy recipient of so much goodwill since I began this journey, I can't help but feel undeserving of any such honor as this.  Thank you all so much for all of your generosity.  This statue will grace my home forever, and it will always remind me of the kindness that all of you have shown me and the horse who brought joy to millions.  

With profound gratitude,
Laura Hillenbrand