western bronze statues for your home or office.

western bronze statue

18" high Western Bronze Statue of rearing horse and cowboy with calf finished in traditional French brown patina on a richly finished walnut wood base.  This bronze sculpture is exciting from all angles as the horse and rider twist skyward above the leaping calf. WESTERN SCULPTURES featuring cowboys. this horse statue is an exception western art collector's piece.

Kim has made a life-long pursuit of understanding horses from the inside out and it shows in her remarkable horse sculptures.  Kim's bronze cowboy sculptures and horse sculptures tell the stories of the horses and riders that they are modeled after.  The bronze sculptures speak to the viewer with emotion and presence.

These western bronze statues capture the old west and the modern cowboy, because they are so often alike. The event captured in this bronze sculpture may have happened today or a hundred years ago. The world has changed and yet the cowboy and his work are much the same.

The romance of the western lifestyle and the cowboy are timeless. No matter where we live or what type of horse we ride, we are all cowboys at heart.

​​​​Always expect the unexpected at branding time is a good rule of thumb. The excitement of branding time is sometimes punctuated by a bit of a wreck in which a cowboy is unprepared for the creativity of the calf he has roped.

In this western bronze statue, this calf thought he saw an escape by darting under the horse's belly. The horse clearly is not pleased as he leaps in the air in surprise. Meanwhile, our cowboy works to save the day. Will he be able rescue himself and his horse?

Or will the situation escalate into a full blown wreck?

The movement of a cowboy and his horse rearing to the sky as the calf he has roped races under the horse's belly with the rope.

A western bronze statue capturing spring at branding time always brings the unexpected to both buckaroo and horse!

Bronze Horse Statues

An action packed western bronze statue, beautiful from every angle.

western bronze statues

The art of the west begins with the horse, whose beautiful form is a natural work of art in our world.

Western bronze statues capture the spirit of the American west and the ruggedness of the American cowboy and bring it into our homes. Western decor is accented beautifully by bronze sculptures featuring cowboys, horses and their way of life.

beautifully detailed western bronze statues

western bronze sculptures capturing the spirit of the west.

Buckaroo and Rearing Horse Bronze Sculpture  

"Little Stinker"

western bronze sculpture
western bronze statue

A western bronze statue of a cowboy and rearing horse.