I received it!!😀😀
You're amazing. 
Thank you so much. 
My wife cried...I couldn't wait till Mothers 
Day. So I gave it a bit early. 
So beautiful as it captures the deep love
and amazing bond between 
A Mare and her Foal!!
Take care, 

BRONZE horse statues FOR SALE of two running bronze horses

bronze horse statues

Custom Buckskin Paint Horse Patina                  Bronze statue of horses

bronze horse statues
bronze horses

The mare and foal bronze horse statues are available in a beautiful Bay French brown patina, Buckskin patina, or rich Roan patina on a gorgeous walnut wood base.

Limited edition mare and foal bronze horse statues of 50 pieces.

This mare and foal bronze horse statue of a galloping Quarter horse mare and colt stands approximately 16 inches high on a 10" x 15" rich walnut base.

Mare and foal bronze horse statues as they experience the euphoria of galloping and frolicking together. The communication between mother and child is obvious as the filly leaps and the mare gallops. They are involved in the sheer joy of movement and togetherness.

Custom patina is available on this bronze horse statue of horses. Even the white markings of a paint horse can be achieved on this bronze sculpture through head and chemical processes to achieve a likeness of your special mare and her foal.

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Mare and foal bronze horse statues.

Bronze horse statues
Bronze horse statues

This tribute to motherhood in bronze captures the bond between mother and child.  This mare and colt bronze statue is an excellent example of the fine bronze sculptures created by equine artist Kim Corpany.

bronze horse statues paint horses

mare and foal bronze horse statues for sale. Beautiful realisitic horse art created by equine artist Kim corpany.
These horse sculptures capture the bond between mother and child in this lovely mare and foal bronze.

Rich Roan Patina

bronze horse statues

Comments from a collector of the Mare and Foal bronze sculpture "Euphoria!"

Buckskin Patina mare and foal bronze horse statues.

 Mare and foal bronze horse statues of a Quarter horses out for a gallop together.  
 The silent, loving communication between mother and baby is captured in this timeless authentic bronze statue. 

western bronze horse statues

Bay French Brown Patina

These mare and foal bronze horse statues illustrate the unconditional love between a mother and baby is an extraordinary bond which can be found in all animals. The caring instinct of a mare for her foal creates an amazing connection between the two which is difficult to fully describe.